Motion is this week’s theme for Ailsa weekly challenge.

During the long drive from Maine to home (and vice versa), I often amuse myself by taking pictures of the road. I rarely get good pictures, much less interesting pictures. I have been through the I-95 streth so many times that nothing seems interesting anymore. Anyway, this man was zooming alongside us. I casually pointed my camera at him (twisting this way and that way on my seat so I could at least fit his moving image in the camera). I had no hopes of getting something respectable, but somehow, this photo appeared. I liked it a lot that I saved it.

Motorcycle Man

Thank you for coming by. I think we are heading out again to find some airconditioned place. It is a tad too warm inside our house today, and yesterday, and tomorrow too!
Do visit AILSA for more Motion. πŸ™‚


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