Magpie Tales picture prompt this week is this image by Musin Yohan.

Her brow knitted at the sight
ominous clouds rule the skies
What of their clothes hanging on the line
washed just before the break of dawn
the first dry day in a long spell
just before she headed to the fields
for her share of the gold
ripe grains of the season.

She would run like the wind
as fast as her load allowed her to
beat the rain in the race to her house
herd her children under its thatched roof
flash the victor’s smile at the water
finding its ground.

Salakot* on her back
like a protective shield
sack balanced on her head
she followed the path to home

…as the first drop of rain fell.


*Salakot – a hat made from palm leaves and bamboo frame and commonly used in the barrios (especially when I was growing up).  It is the hat being held by the lady in the picture above. 

Thank you for coming by.

Just to let you know, dear friends, I will catch up with you soon.  I am a little slower these days in replying and visiting blogs (and I thought I will have more blog time in the summer than during the school year).  I will get caught up sooner than later.  Thank you for bearing with me.  Have a lovely day. 🙂

19 thoughts on “AT THE HINT OF RAIN

  1. I can picture her running to beat the rain… and not to worry… you’re not the only one behind as I’m finding also I’m a bit slow …tired and can’t read for long… Diane

  2. such vivid descriptions … it made me pant, like i was running myself 🙂 i just had to take a quick halt when i read a Filipino term, it just popped out like it blocked me off my reverie … beautifully written, Imelda.

    enjoy your kids this summer, we can wait …

  3. hi Imelda,
    thank you for your poem,
    congenial to the picture:
    “…sack balanced on her head
    she followed the path to home
    as the first drop of rain fell.”

  4. i hope that she makes it…in that moment you think of all that you need to do…keep the kids safe, get the wash in…cover up…last thing on her mind, herself…smiles…

  5. Every woman knows that feeling of rushing to beat the rain. 🙂 You brought an ‘olden times’ looking photo into the light of present day.

  6. What a beautiful poem, Imelda .. reading it creates so many pictures in my mind!

    It’s the same with me – there never seems to be enough time to do all I want and should ..and not enough time to visit blogs. I hope you’re in for a sunny and beautiful weekend 🙂

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