“Trouble. He spells trouble.”
Shh. Don’t ever let a word out
to that smitten girl
or you’ll get an acid-laced reply
“First, remove the beam from your eye.”

Her head’s in the clouds,
that much is clear
what she calls true love,
put it up there
She smells roses
from his stale beer breath
she sees an adventurer
in his mile-long rap sheet.

“It’s all the world’s fault,”
he explains his lot
“My love will change him,”
she says crossing her heart.

Here is her way out
of a solitary life
Woe to those who dare
cause a lover’s strife
She dreams a new chapter
to her fairy tale
of wedding and family
and ever after bliss
But you, you hold your peace
and hope that not in horror
her story ends.


Written for dVerse Poets’ Idiomatic Expressions prompt  and Wordsmith Studio’s New Chapter prompt.

Thank you for coming by. 🙂



  1. oh yeah…my love will change him…ha….so much hope in those words yet all too often misdirected…i guess you can though…love changed me in a good way…smiles…best of luck with that one though…smiles.

  2. oh my…dangerous if we think we can change another person – think the only person we really can change is ourselves – and that is difficult enough…but then…love makes blind as well..

  3. ..aww, happy endings are sure to happen in fairy tales for they’re crafted by writer/s who desired for a happy ending… in reality, we are both the character & the writer… & happy endings are what we choose to make or happen… so i don’t really think there should be such thought of a horror ending as we are the mere responsible to what we’re doing / about to do… though we can’t control the other characters in our story it doesn’t mean the desired ending will not be achieved… it may still be achieved happily though in a different approach… happiness is unconditional… sometimes it is just us who give the condition for it not to be achieved… smiles… hihi… daming sinabi… ginutom tuloy ako… lunch lunch po muna pag me time… smiles…

  4. Beautiful poem Imelda and well written. Strange that people think that they can change others. We are only here to change ourselves and I do hope her fairytale doesn’t end in horror. Someone who blames the world for their mistakes, blames others too and never learns their lessons. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

  5. Imelda ~ I loved it, the reasoning so unreasonable and yet, to me LOVE is hardly idiomatic when it’s based on purity and sincerity … It made me re-watch the beautiful or idiomatic musical “CAROUSEL.”

    • I understand what you mean. How funny it is that sometimes, what ‘onlookers’ consider as a bad match turn out to be perfect and beautiful, and then there are those that seem to be a perfect match initially but turn out to be bad. I guess it is truly in the quality of love that binds the people involved, and the ability of each person to love. And even that may be quite a simplistic observation.

      I had to look up Carousel, I don’t seem to recall any song from it then I saw “If I loved You” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Both beautiful music. One of these days, I’ll read about Carousel. 🙂

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