FORM FOR ALL: SEDOKA (The Princess’ Poem to Her Secret Love)

Your voice in the wind
tinkling like mandolin strings
echo in my moonlit dreams.

My arms are empty
the oceans stand between us
we’re together in our dreams.


Thanks dVerse and Sam for the something to focus on. 🙂  The past few days found me engrossed about things that I needed to accomplish at home (like digging holes for some new rose plants) and imagining the flowers that they will hopefully yield, ‘hopefully’ being the key word since the plants are but sticks at this time.   And there there is the marathon watching of old Bones episodes too.

Thank you all for coming by.  🙂


22 thoughts on “FORM FOR ALL: SEDOKA (The Princess’ Poem to Her Secret Love)

  1. Goodmorning Imelda,
    What a poem full of ache. Sad and sorrowful.
    BTW, which roses did you plant? Climbers’hybrid teas? What names?

    1. Hi Aprille. Thanks. 🙂

      I planted an old rose called Jacques Cartier, and a David Austin named Claire Rose. I also transplanted a climber called Joseph’s Coat. Do you have roses too?

  2. like the voices like mandolin strings…i can hear it carrying on the breeze in the space in between you…in the distance that seperates…nice longing in this…

  3. So lovely… I’m a fan of Ezra Pound’s rendition of “The River Merchant’s Wife”, and have written two companion poems to it… and your composition lilts so beautifully into that theme, with its ache and longing and the distance of the waters.

  4. Lots of suns, moons, and oceans in this week’s prompt. I like this- it;s well written, great form… voice tinkling like mandolin strings, that’s great. -Mike

  5. …the quality of pain you put here is palpable… and that mandolin strings — ah, it haunts into my ears like two souls singing in chorus but totally apart… excellent sedoka… i came too late here due to loss of electricity at my place the other day… smiles..

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