I will catch the raindrops
enclose them in my palms
and dance round and round in circles
with my outstretched arms.

I will taste the raindrops
roll them with my tongue
let them trickle down my skin
then make pools on the ground.

I will touch the raindrops
hanging from the boughs
and free the little sunbeams
trapped in the crystalline claws.

Then I will watch the sunshine
once more lighting up the sky
and behold the colorful rainbow
embracing me from up high.


For WordPress Daily Prompt:  Singin’ in the Rain (describe your perfect rainy afternoon), dVerse Poets’ Poetics:  Beauty is Everywhere   and Wordsmith Studio’s Rain prompt.


  1. oh i like the playfulness in this…the catching and tasting them and my absolute fav part was the freeing the little sunbeams
    trapped in the crystalline claws…what a great visual

  2. big smiles…this is the rain i love….the refreshing that calls you with its music to dance with abandon….love the very positive nature of your verse….and when the sun comes i will rejoice all the more…smiles.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Imelda. You know how to play with words for sure and doing a great job of it. 😀 *hugs*

  4. what a beautiful idead to ‘roll raindrops with the tongue’ – i wonder what they would feel like… also loved freeing the trapped sunbeams… such playfulness in this – the beauty radiates.

    1. Thanks, Debbie. And thanks for the heads up on that piece of music – I love it. I have to listen to Argerich’s version yet though. I listened to Zimerman’s version. In any case, I am glad to be introduced to both artists.

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