Inside the box
lie the treasures of his years
Inside the box
dog-eared letters and photographs
brighten his solitude with tears
what’s  left  of  him could fit in there
inside the box.


For dVerse Poets’ Pub – FORM FOR ALL: RONDELET.  🙂 Check out the link for more of this poetry form and for more responses.

Thank you for coming by.

17 thoughts on “TREASURES

  1. Nice poem, Imelda. I applaud the way you’ve dictated to the form, rather than vice versa, and given yourself freedom to adapt the rhyme scheme to your needs.

    1. I will certainly look your entry up. 🙂 I have not had a chance to read entries after I posted mine.
      My inspiration must have been my FIL and husband talking about old cards and records while I was working nearby. 🙂

  2. it is sad on some level, the everything being able to fit in the box….i have a box though i keep treasures in…and i like to take it out and go through it quite regularly…and i would say it makes up me as well…

  3. …but then some treasures are not meant to be forever kept inside the box… it must be freed so as to free the heart that is hurting inside… smiles…

    1. Thanks, Kelvin.

      I read your poem and I was, once more, amazed by your skill and talent. Your poem and the form were perfect together. However, I could not post the comment in your blog so I just say it here. 🙂

      1. ate.. it was there… there were some who have same issues as yours… & i couldn’t do anything to address it but to wait blogger to finish the entire process of blog adress transition… yes— i decided to obtain my own custom domain for my poetry & blogger had advised me earlier that the process of redirecting old blogger address to the new one will take at most 3 days… after said duration my new blog address will finally be available entirely in the internet… for the meantime my suggestion was for my readers to take a li’l more effort of adding the word ‘blogspot.’ in between the words ‘kelvinsm.’ and ‘com’ if ever they will encounter issues like redirecting them to ‘google search blah blah blah…’ … the temporary solution will get them back to the normal flow of commenting & viewing on my page… thank you & sorry for the inconveniences… smiles…

  4. this is beautiful, Imelda… leaves me with the scent of coffee, faint pipe smoke and leather while digging through old photos and other treasures collected over the years… beautifully done!

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