Riverbank in Milo, Maine

It had ben raining for days.  On Saturday, the day when I took this photo, there was a huge downpour which dampened that Black FLy Festival that was scheduled in Milo that day.  As an aside, I don’t know why they celebrate black flies.  Those spring bugs are nasty.  They  descend on their victim like the cloud and they suck out their victim’s blood more efficiently than a mosquito does.  Then they leave a pool of blood and terrible itch in their wake.  Anyway, it was drizzling and the booths by the riverbank was empty except for one where some women where gathered, perhaps to salvage the remains of the day.  Then there were these two souls by the water – the older man farther away from the rest, perhaps savoring some silence.


16 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME: PEACEFUL

    1. Neither can I. I almost always hide indoors during our visits to MAine at around this time. I am most certainly glad to see dragonflies hovering about to eat the flies.

  1. Looks peaceful indeed, except for the black flies. We have them here too. I must get more lizards and frogs in the garden. 😀
    Thanks for sharing Imelda. *hugs*

  2. We took a trip to Montreal one year and tackled the black flies there – the biting little devils. Love the photo. Now that is peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

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