working hours

sews fabric together

to give her grandchildren




different patterns

can’t stand alone

Maker’s labor of love



11 thoughts on “QUILTS

  1. smiles. nice. my mom made blankets for the boys…and has already started the ones for their kids…ha…have a quilt from my deceased gramma…its my fav cover…

  2. The quilt is more beautiful because it is made with love from the grandmother ~ I do missed her steady hands ~

    Good to see you Imelda ~

  3. That is a lot of love for sure. Quilting is hard work. What an adorable photo Imelda. Love the quilt too. ๐Ÿ˜€ *hugs*

  4. ..very lovely ate Imelda… completely reminds me of Lola… who was a very passionate tailor… she has her own sewing machine & i just loved watching her doing her art of love… smiles…

  5. the patterns that cannot stand alone jumped out at me here… we need each other to make sense..really a cool metaphor and what a wonderful pic as well

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