My weary bed groaned
as I tossed and turned
to swallow the bitter night
the day left
to feed my dreams.
dulcet wings fan
fragrant streams of lilac
petals gone still
crickets sing crunchy tunes
mourning their neatly trimmed homes
while forlorn heat
orphaned by the sun
rattles my window
uninvited, it comes in
its tentacles suffocating in their embrace.
Sleepy moon hid itself
sought shelter in the clouds
my body screamed –
“let fall the lavender rains.”


I wrote this piece with dVerse Poets Pub’s prompt, Synesthesia, in mind.

9 thoughts on “SULTRY NIGHT

  1. lov ethe use of scent in this….day leaving to give way to your dreams is a great touch as the night a bitter taste sets the mood nicely in it as well…

  2. Love the scents and color here, specially the ending ~ Thankfully A/C has been working so temperature in the house has been constant, despite the irrational spring ~ Smiles ~

  3. …you nailed the synesthesia with your weary bed groaned, swallow the bitter night, orphaned by the sun, & sleepy moon… hope the crickets can sing back their usual early psalm after the last steps of day… smiles… loved this…

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