Endings hang like a sword upon my head
casting a shadow upon a smile-lit face
or easing the frown on a worried brow

beginnings lead to endings, birth to death
nothing stays the same, though I wish it would
the road may be long, but destiny awaits

No sooner had they taken their first steps
babies run then fly away from home
as spring turns to summer, summer to fall

flowers fade, fairy tales end, tears dry
all things pass. Life is a rehearsal
for that last good-bye towards home.

I combined two prompts to write this piece – POETRY JAM’s GoodbyeΒ and Magpie Tales’ photo prompt:


I am linking up with dVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night. Β πŸ™‚ Check out the links for fabulous poems. πŸ™‚ Β Thank you for coming by. Β You are much appreciated here.


23 thoughts on “GOODBYES

  1. life is a rehearsal for that last goodbye home…pretty cool line…its def a journey in getting it right…smiles. all things do eventually pass and in many ways its what we do with it til then…

  2. So very true… Everything that begins ends, and everything that ends leads to something else. And even GOOD-BYES lead somewhere!

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