Lovely peonies bloom

bowed under  the weight of rain

beauty has its price

Pink Peony

The peonies are starting to bloom.  I hope the warming weather does not derail these beauties.  🙂 I wish you all a happy glorious day.  Thank you for coming by. 🙂



    • True, and peonies are, if I am not mistaken, the queen of spring blooms. No wonder, it is so pretty and so huge when in full bloom. 🙂

    • They are so lovely – and really really nice in a vase.
      But I am a cheap person – I bought my peonies bare root for $6-9.00. The other day, we were at Lowe’s and saw a fully grown peony with buds. It was $35.00! I don’t have that much money even for a plant I like a lot. 🙂

      • Oh, my. I don’t have a garden. I didn’t know they run that high. I just bought some cut flowers from at the grocery for $4. LOL! … and I though that was a splurge. Yikes! 🙂 Enjoy your garden, Imelda. You deserve it …

    • Thanks, Diane. The first peonies are pink when they first open but they turn nearly white once they are in full bloom. The peonies in the second picture are a shade of darker pink. There is one that is almost in full bloom now. I’ll see if it gets to its full size by tomorrow. I will not see the rest of the blooms, the climbing roses, peonies and all because we’ll be off on a vacation soon. I’ll post some peonies in full bloom for you in FB. 🙂

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