DVerse has several abstract picture (courtesy of LEOVI)  prompts for this weekend’s Poetics.  I chose this one:

Cut me with that pink knife
and I will yield like velvet cake
in your arms
Turn it in my heart
that it may bleed
strawberry ice cream drips
teasing your palate.

Our breath will be of wild attar
infusing our soul
to intoxication
and we will fly
as one
to sweet oblivion
on violin wings.


Thank you all for coming by.  🙂

Do visit the Pub, it is one friendly place, for more poetry helpings.  🙂  I am also linking with Poets United. 🙂


8 thoughts on “KNIFE

  1. wow…not only did you see a knife i had not seen in the pic yet, but then you turned it on its head and made it rather sensual…very cool take on the prompt…a rather delectable cutting…i do love some velvet cake…and ice cream is not bad either…smiles.

  2. What an eagle-eye you have. I had to work to see the knife in the photograph.

    A lovely, lovely sensual poem and you turned the knife on it’s side and didn’t go the easy, trite way with something that is violent.

    Good work here, Imelda. The last stanza as a poem in itself. Glorious.

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