“Faded,” some may say
of these feathery dandelion spheres
to stand
before the world
stripped of the raw beauty
the pride of its bloom
now clothed with the frailty
of advanced age.

“Just look!
at those silvery threads
hanging by a breath
upon a bed once velvet
ribbons taunting the wind
challenging the sun
with its brightness.”

Faded they are
not when even in the splendor of darkness
the dandelion’s luminous glow
seduce the dreamer
to confide his dreams
in those gossamer hands
then they’d fly as one
to forever.

Life just began.

LIGHTHOUSE DANDELIONS by JAMIE WYETH (this week’s picture prompt from Magpie Tales)


Dandelions.  There are as many poems as there are Dandelion petals, and phases. 🙂  I wrote this for Magpie Tales. See what responses others had for this prompt.  Thank you and good morning. 🙂 

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