The dandelions are gone

they are but dreams sailing the skies

While the birds are behind the new leaves

singing their lullabies.

white flowers

The sun stays a little longer

before it goes to rest

to wait for the ripening buds

to reveal their perfumed secrets.


The vegetables are in the garden

praying for more rain

the grass are getting thicker

alas! they’d be mowed again.

GrassThe bees are busy

gathering nectar

while  the ants are hard at work

filling their larder


And the little children?

they think it’s already summer

they drag the garden hose

and get a cold shower!



I am joining Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:  The Season of Spring  and Nurture Photography.  Visit the respective pages for more entries.

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition


15 thoughts on “MID-SPRING

  1. smiles…you have captured the essence of spring….love all the smells it generates….and all the life and new birth….you capture a bit of that in your verse…

  2. Beautiful pics, Imelda! I can relate to every single thing you mentioned (well, except for the water hose part, yet). Nature has such a wonderful rhythm! 🙂

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