I have no wings as angels have
but I have been given words instead
to let me fly over to the stars
to probe the depths of human hearts
to flit about from sea to sea
to reveal my soul, lift the veil from me.

With the same words I’ve been given
paint the visions my senses have seen
make them dance and sing and be
beauty and truth for all to see.

Yes, in my ideal world,
words do all those things
yet even one without eloquence
as I am, could hope and dream
that the words that languish
somewhere in my thoughts
with pencil and paper
could be brought
to the surface and be heard
at the very least, by the passing wind.


For dVerse Poets’ Pub’s Meeting the Bar:  Volition and Velleity.


    1. Thanks, Diane. 🙂 I hope that I was able to convey well that in my ideal/dream world, the first two stanzas would be true for me. 🙂 I revised the poem to make that clearer. 🙂

  1. i have no wings, but words…and they can be just as magical you know…dancing and singing…that is the power a poet has in putting the words together and you use them well…

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