Iridescent blur sliced through the space
before me. A zing brushed the breeze teasing my hair
The sun winked a conspiratorial beam –
it’s going to be a beautiful morning
with the blue sky parading its fluffy fleece
and flowers spewing their golden breath
(to intimidate or to flirt?)

Then all too soon –
buzzing dervishes came
whirling in their gossamer wings
the flowers shuddered
swaying in their seductive dance.

The fleece hastened its fluffy march
the blue sky peeked out of the cracks
the sun beamed a radiant grin
basking in the beautiful morning

But I,
I hightailed it as fast as I can
lest I get trapped under the stinger’s end.

Yet,  I was glad to know
life goes on.

For now.

The prompt at Poetry Jam had me thinking about Bees. 🙂  See what bee-inspired poetry others came up with. 🙂

Thank you for coming by.  Have a beautiful blessed morning.

20 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL DAY

  1. buzzing dervishes came _ They are never too far away and you love them or hate them, Great poem i really enjoyed the writing and the feeling.

  2. ha i am glad life goes on…and def thankful for beautiful skies coming out as well….bussing dervishes…ha…a great way to put them for sure….

    1. True, especially when the little things has stingers that make one itch and swell, depending on the degree of allergy. Although, I don’t think I have been stung by a bee. A wasp? Yes!

  3. It’s funny … I love to have bees buzzing around me … I move slowly and in exchange, they buzz on. I love your image of ‘buzzing dervishes’ though! It’s perfect!

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