“Red Ruffled Ranunculus”
This is the first time there are ranunculus in the garden. I did not know that the petals turn to ruffles as the flowers mature. So, to me, that was new and worth recording in a photo. 🙂
“The Wet Ones” 😉
No, it did not rain. My children, who think it’s summer and are having a blast with the hose, happened upon these poor flowers. They are what remained after my 1.6 years old found the flowers so pretty and yanked a stem from the plant.

I am linking with FRIZZTEXT’S Tagged  “R” photo prompt.

19 thoughts on “RANUNCULUS FOR “R”

  1. Flowers are to be enjoyed and your 1.6 year old clearly enjoyed them – that is a good thing!!! 🙂

    1. This was the first time I saw those flowers too. The day I saw them displayed in Lowe’s, a shopper bought all of Lowe’s stock – all three flatbeds of them.

    1. You gave me an idea – flowers as fashion inspiration. Last time, I posted a muscari and I thought that it was the inspiration for the puff sleeve. 😀

  2. dropping by Imelda to congratulate you for winning the second prize for the ” Letter to god contest. I sent you a mail. Hope you received it. I want some information from you how I can send the prize to you:)
    Awesome flowers by the way:)

  3. After the flowers fade. For some lucky gardeners with perfectly drained, cool soil, the tubers can stay in place and be treated like any perennial that comes back year after year. But this is rare. Most gardeners treat ranunculus as annuals, disposing of them after bloom. You could pull and compost plants, or leave them in place to fade away. In most gardens, the tubers will rot in moist summer soils. More ambitious gardeners can save the tubers for replanting next year. Let blooms fade and plants dry out. Lift tubers, cut off tops, and store in a dry, cool place for planting next year.

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