I am loveliest in May
when dandelions adorn the paths I take
and birdsongs serenade my every step.
Field of dandelions

I am loveliest in May
when trees unfurl  their filigreed leaves
and blossoms wear  their finest clothes for my sake.

I am loveliest in May
when the bees bring praises to my ears
and fragrant whispers fill the air.


I am loveliest in May
when rivers gurgle and sparkle in the sun
and little creatures frolic in the ground.


Truly, I am loveliest in May
when all these beauty filling my soul
erupts into a smile and songs of joy


What am I to be feted like a queen
with all the tokens the earth can bring
It is not that I merit all of these
But One so great loves me enough
to lavish me with these gifts.


Happy First of May. 🙂



  1. No truer words have I heard. Your insight is so inspiring and your photos so lovely. Your gentle and loving heart touches my soul. Therefore I’d like to present you with a Seed of Light Award – http://wp.me/P2Mmhm-ki – in honour of your beautiful blog. I was awarded this honor recently and was asked to pass it on to those who I felt should be honored in turn. Please feel free pass it on to any other blogs/bloggers whose work inspire nature, community, creativity, connection and communication. Bless you my dear. – Pamela

  2. Imelda –
    Wow! That is beautiful, the words and the pictures to go with them were excellent! I love this line…”I am loveliest in May,when the bees bring praises to my ears,and fragrant whispers fill the air.”
    Reminds me of the orange and lemon tree in my backyard…when I walk by them, the aroma is wonderful, and every now and then, I see the busy little bees humming around!
    We are blessed both by these gifts from God, and your wonderful talents and gifts!
    God Bless!

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