It was the last day of my life …

I paced around the suitcases
divining what more they needed
what they could do without

After a long night
I sealed three suitcases full
of my life, ready to go.
Those left behind were willed
to beloved family and friends
after I took a picture of them
in my mind.

I stood vigil
for dawn to come
when my family would bring me
to my destination

My father called upon God
to bless me
as he always did
whenever I had to leave home.

“Be good always,” he said
with one of his rare hugs
and controlled tears in his eyes.

I looked at my teenaged niece
gave her my usual admonition
“Be good!” and wondered
at the life before her
“Will I see you again?”
my mind inquired.

None of us wanted the good-byes to end
But the sun was breaking in the horizon
I walked backwards
savored the last bits of memories
entering my heart
until the doors swallowed me
and the beloved faces were no more.

I brushed a tear
checked the papers that showed
my name
where I am from
thenceforth, my identification
in the absence of friends and kin

I stepped into the plane, my old life died
10,000 miles away
awaited Love
and the journey of a lifetime.


The notion of a trip is the inspiration for DVERSE Poets’ weekend prompt for Trip the Poem Fantastic. My poem is a personal piece about the day I left the home country to start life in another. For lack of a better title, I named it “My Journey”. :-))

Thank you for coming by. 🙂



  1. that last trip may be the most difficult one unless we know where we’re going and what awaits us.. i like the confidence in this one imelda even though it’s so difficult to leave those we love behind..

  2. a wistful look at the last trip we all take…or the one that takes you far away when there is no going back….difficult, but necessary, with fearlessness 😉

  3. ah that is a huge transition and def the beginning of a journey…but one many of us face as we head out on our own that first time…hopefully should the need ever arrive we can always return home, but…

    and i did mean wake up…hoy gising…its a phrase i learned years ago…kelvin got it too…smiles.

  4. Imelda – that was beautifully written! It was so thought provoking, and inspiring at the same time! I admire you for the courage you had to take that first step to start a new life!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Hi Ime! Such beautiful and touching poem! Reminded me of the day i left home and got married with Tom. Ang kaibahan lang my parents traveled with me going to US. 🙂 For sure i would be your constant visitor here, i am really amazed of what you’ve created here…You’re not just a lawyer at home, a loving wife and doting Mom but a creative and wonderful poet. 🙂

    • Salamat, Do. Buti ka nga, nakaka-travel ang parents mo. Hindi nabigyan ng visa ang Nanay ko noong ikakasal ako kasi may Kuwait stamps ang passport niya. MAdang na madalang din kami makauwi.

      Salamat sa support, sister. 🙂

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