My life was just beginning
I came from a far away land
where there was no winter
and spring was unknown

It was a long winter
it held me captive  for too long
the cold shut me away
from the world that was now my home.

Nearby was a bicycle path
where I took solitary walks
it went through the woods
bound by a golf course and the road.

The April grass was turning green
the crabapples were about to bloom
the breeze carried to me
flapping wings and trilling tunes.

Flame breasted birds I’ve not seen before
flew from tree to tree
they danced on the ground
they kept me company.

Their carefree ways brought me joy
their song inspired me to sing
at the top of my voice came a tune
“All Creatures of Our God and King”

I heard my song fill the glade
the orange birds did notice too
for the minute I got a little too close to them
they flapped their wings and flew.


For DVERSE POETS’ Poetics – Spring.



  1. smiles…i was talking to a swan lately… love how spring gives us new hope and shines its warm light on the world… love that you sang along with the birds.. a bit of magic..smiles

  2. I too never appreciated sunshine and spring until we migrated to Canada ~ Your words reminded me of the simple joy of being thankful for the birds and little green buds ~ Enjoy your spring days ~

  3. This was a beautiful poem. The birds fly away from me- and I don’t even torture them with my singing 🙂 I don’t know why, but the interaction with the birds made me think of the Disney animated version of Snow White, where Snow sings a duet with the birds (and they even helped her clean, if memory serves me right!)

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