One thinks evil wins with each life it takes
when all one sees is the swagger, the medals on his neck
But, what the eyes will never see –
the sword evil used to deal physical death
stabbed his own  soul and took away eternity’s breath.

He may have killed the body, caused tremendous pain
but the blood he spilled, fell like rain
caressed the ground, coaxed life to bloom
as good deeds spring to dispel evil’s doom.

Though he carries himself with pride
a moment’s peace, he is denied
he walks  wounded, awaiting his end
will he find mercy when he turns the bend?

One may wonder why the world’s so dark
how much evil there is about
evil and good, they live in the heart
in constant battle, creating life’s art.

For DVERSE POETS’ prompt.

Thank you for coming by. 🙂 Do check out the other entries for Unfathomable.


  1. Yes It seems that the evil is winning sometimes, but God turns out for good for those who love and trust God.
    Amazing poem!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. this made me think of the verse from scripture: death where is your sting… and yeah…there’s this constant battle going on…for now..smiles

  3. The world is a pretty dark place at times – as is the heart of man.

    Let’s hope goodness wins…


  4. Powerful and thought provoking Imelda! I believe too that no one is all good or bad. It is the grey’s in between that make up the fabric of life.

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