This daffodil is the ONLY daffodil in our garden. Somebody must have planted it there a long time ago. It is just odd, however, that unlike other bulbs that multiply with the passing seasons, this one has not given additional shoots. Maybe, one day.

The lone daffodil sat in a corner

of our garden that gets no sun

yet it does what daffodils do

bob its head, smile as only daffodils can

is it sad to be all alone, sorry for its lot?

I guess we’ll never know,

each spring it comes back

and does what it has  to do:

bloom and  gladden the  heart.

Maybe one day, as seasons go

this daffodil will have her reward

the next time it opens its blooms

it’ll behold another of its kind. 



  1. maybe the daffodil already has what it wants—all of your undivided attention. you never know it just might like the spot light. but still the limelight can be a lonely place.

    a very sweet poem.

  2. AWWW!! That is such a sweet little poem of a brave warrior, the lone daffydill. I have an amaryllis that does that. I love the head bobbing and smiliing, as only daffodils do. They are very happy looking flowers..
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. oh i hope there will be another one one day…it’s hard to be the only one & i bet it wishes for another face to smile into..maybe plant her a companion..? smiles

  4. Lovely shot and words. I so appreciate your work. I, too, have a one daffy in my yard. It pops up each year as if by invitation. It never multiplies or secures a friend. Strange.
    Thanks for sharing.

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