Swan-turquoise water
Preening in the Blue Mirror
Swimming Against the Tide
Quenching a Thirst

Yesterday,  I visited the pond hoping to catch some geese splashing in the water.   I often see them gather by the edge of the pond, make their usual posturings, then all head down to the dark water in one big noisy splash.  Unfortunately for me, they did not do as expected when I expected them to.   I took photos anyway and was pleasantly surprised at how the water turned out –  patterned and blue, a departure from the dark flowing mass that my eyes saw.  I guess, the camera sees differently.

Now, I started this post last night and did bits and pieces this morning and I need to get back to work before my family notice my slack. 😉 I wish you all a great Monday and pay you a visit when I get the chance.  🙂  Ooops, lest I forget, I am joining Kristi, Alicia, and Rebecca’s Nurture Photography Challenge.  This week, it is Splash/Turquoise.  Do visit their pages for some outstanding photography and tips, and wonderful entries to the challenge too.  🙂
Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition


9 thoughts on “TURQUOISE

  1. The love the images, first one particularly. As my grandmother would have said, “That sure is purdy!” 🙂

  2. You’re right. The water is exquisite, especially in the second photo. Gorgeous birds, too. Thanks for sharing your amazing work.

  3. What lovely captures! I really love the hues of blue in the rippled water, particularly in that first shot. Thanks so much for sharing and linking to our Spring Challenge!

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