I don’t want morning to come.
The sun will call the dragon
that the night had lulled to sleep.

But day!
Day will bring me face to face with the beast –
stomping, snarling, roaring
in one hissy fit.

Where is the angel who I first laid eyes on?
The dragon had usurped his soul
and put him under its spell.

I find myself on my knees
crying in despair
eyes bright with a little hope and a little prayer –
perhaps my tears could petrify the beast
strengthen the angel, rouse him from his sleep.

Morning comes …

who shall I meet?

my knees quake
I want to retreat.

I won’t retreat.


For dVERSE Poets’ Poetics Prompt – Monster.  Do visit the Pub for some poetry party and fun. 🙂



  1. interesting that the monsters come with the sun…those seem to be very realistic fears that can be escaped for a bit under the cloak of night but return with the morning… ugh…but being on the knees and praying has tamed many a monsters for me…so def. a good thing

  2. mmm feel your emotions in this one…that anticipation of the monsters…and even when the morning comes, not in the night as would usually expect. i do know that prayer works though…when it comes to monsters.

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