I opened the window this morning
and praised your Holy Name
as the window invited the sun
so my soul begged your blessing

What will a day be like
when Your light isn’t there
Shadows will hover over me
chase away joy, bring in despair.

I have been through those days
countless times, My Lord
when everything I did was routine
without meaning nor reward.

How easy it was to bewail my lot
and envy another’s fortune
blame You, Lord, for all I lacked
sing my hymns with a listless tune.

So, let Your radiance in, My Lord
brighten the corners of my soul
guard the beauty you blessed it with
make this humble castle Your abode.

Then at night, before I sleep
may this be my prayer –
that Your Face shine through mine
my heart rest always in Your care.


I wrote this for Joy’s Letter to God contest. When Joy invited me to write one for her project, I thought it would be easy to do. Then all of my ideas failed. But yesterday, as I pulled up the blinds, this poem came. 🙂

Have a blessed day to you. Thank you Joy for the invite. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. 🙂  Check out the link if you are interested to join, or just pay her a visit.  She is a nice lady. 🙂

6 thoughts on “LET THE LIGHT IN

  1. Thank you so much Imelda. Your words really warms my heart:) And thanks for promoting this ” Letter To God Contest”. An honor to God.

  2. Hi Imelda, Just want you to know that you won the second price in ” Letter to God contest.” Congatulation dear. You can see it today in ” Joysnotepad.blogspot.com.

    Can you send me your bank account no, bank address and your home address so that I can send you the prize of 75$ ? Not much, but you can buy a cup of coffee and one piece of cake:)

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