She was on the cusp of womanhood
awaking to the magic of young love
which she thought she could have
if not for an overly protective father
her own personality or appearance besides.

There was a young man who lived next door
She wanted to have his attention
and some more
She waited by her window to see him pass by
then she would giggle, let out a sigh
as she saw themselves
on top of her favorite hill
silhouetted in the sunset
as time stood still.

She hang out with his cousins
got close to him as she could
without letting her secret known
in the whole neighborhood.

How she cried whenever she heard
that he fancied another girl instead.

Then one day,
after she’s been gone for a while
she heard her name called
so sweetly, it was like a lullaby.
Her heart knew
who the voice was from
How things happened,
she couldn’t fully explain
but when her dreamed of day
finally came
She turned her back
and hid in her shell
without rhyme or reason
much less a decent farewell.


This was inspired by DVERSE POETS’ prompt for this weekend – ANECDOTE. And yes, this is my story. I wonder how life would have been different if I were a little nicer and more mature. Though I do not wish to think so much about that because despite myself, I live a rather good life. Thanks be to God. I just wish I handled things a little differently, at least for kindness’ sake.

Thank you for coming by. Happy weekend. 🙂


My friend Joy of Joy’s Notepad is hosting a Poetry/Letter to God Contest.  There are prizes for the first three winners who will be chosen by  author Michelle Griep.  If you are interested, please check out her page for more details.   Thanks again.


20 thoughts on “POETICS: THE ANECDOTE

  1. ah you never know what things are good for.. sometimes we may make wrong decisions but in that moment, it’s where we are in life and how we feel… maybe you can explain him some day…

  2. I am afraid ‘explaining’ is too late. We have moved on in so many ways. This even is almost 30 years behind me. I never talked to him after this incident. My social skills were utterly zero then.

  3. oy, sometimes when we get what we want most it is not what we expect…or maybe we are just not prepared for it as we thought we would be…interesting story Imelda

  4. nIce reading your story:) You are so good in poetry at natutulala ako pag nagbabasa:) Thanks for promoting my ” Letter to God contest by the way:)

  5. I always think that things that happened in the past are all a part of what things are today. Because we were “immature” before is how we are hopefully wiser now. Sometimes having a dream come true is so astonishing that we don’t know what to do with it! Don’t be so hard on yourself, as I still am that way even now! 🙂

  6. This reminded me of what I was before, shy and not poised at all ~ Things have a way of happening, it might have been all for the best ~

  7. I remember a similar experience, but not so much shyness as being in a mood, and not feeling like being called on..and so it was the last time he called.

  8. hi Imelda, such a naive girl you were … praise God that youth is a fleeting moment where we all learn from and molding us to becoming better persons, hopefully always in the center of HIS will alone.

    your poetries are always such pleasant reads … wishing you well — APRIL

  9. …aww… sabi nga nila…some things in life are not meant to be… first love po b? hihi… natutuwa akong basahin ito paulit ulit…then na-papasmile ako…hihi… your wrting is adorable… the simplicity of your intention made it a winner for me… thank you… i am always thrilled whenever i read poems from you… at times i envy… coz behind the foreign laguage i can still feel the Filipino touch in it… smiles…i’ll go & see the link you posted… sounds really interesting… have a good day!

    1. Salamat, Kelvin. Hindi iyan ang first love. Mas mahabang istorya iyon. 😉 Sige, bisitahin mo si Joy, Filipina din siya tsaka mabait. You will like her.

  10. I had a couple of incidents like this when I was younger (I was horribly shy, which didn’t help.) My silence was misinterpreted and I never found my voice to explain. I agree, that in spite of ourselves, life seems to turn out as it should.

  11. Dear Imelda…Do not worry…We all have suffered that terrible time in our lives….And I truly believe everything happens because it has to…We do not know if we will be happier or just the contrary…Why to loose time thinking about it? If we are ok, perfect…If not…Now we do not have the excuse of being too young or inmature…Now, thanks God, our destiny is in our hands…

  12. …those missed opportunities & moments slipping by us,,, and we are unable to see at the time what a little pride swallowing might have done in a particular situation..in retrospect we will never know how things might have been …:()

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