If I would have the will (and I pray so), I will not be posting this Holy Week.   So, I am having a little posting party this Sunday night by  joining Cee’s and Jake’s photo prompts this week, Circles and Curves, and Sentimental Value, respectively.

I had a difficult time deciding what to post for Cee’s challenge until I saw Jake’s prompt.  Of course, there are perfect circles with a lot of sentimental value in my possession.

Without much ado, here they are:

Engagement Ring
This is my engagement ring. My then fiance, now husband, and I shopped together for a ring. My one weakness was solicitous sales associates. The lady was so nice, the price of the ring was right for my graduate student of a fiancee, and I had difficulty saying ‘no” to the nice lady, so right there and then, in the first store we visited, I bought the ring much to my fiance’s surprise and consternation. At that time, of course, he was more concerned with landing a fiancee than quarreling about my shopping methods. He, therefore, had no choice but to go along with me.
Wedding Bands
More shopping was involved in the selection of our wedding rings. By then, my fiance had learned a thing or to about my shopping habits and anticipated my actions. 🙂 Besides, with just a few weeks before our wedding and more certain that he would have a wife anyway, he was more inclined to argue, err, discuss rather, with me about what sorts of rings we should have. 🙂

Have fun with Cee and Jake and visit their respective pages – just follow the links below – to see what others have come up with in response to the challenges. Meanwhile, thanks all for visiting.   If I do not drop by your pages anytime soon, I promise to see you around Easter time.  May you all have a blessed week. 🙂


  SUNDAY POST LOGO 2013 120 x 100



  1. Beautiful pictures! My husband would be pleased with your shopping habits – to the point and it’s done faster. Me? I go to ten different stores before I end up going back to one of the first ones I looked at (this goes for everything, not just jewelry!) I hope you have a blessed holy week 🙂

  2. Smile. That was how we bought our engagement ring, *and* our two houses ! But when you know it’s right, you know it’s right. We’ve never had any regrets on these purchases. Happy Holy Week to you!

  3. Imelda, I love your engagement ring! I love all things pretty and feminine. My husband (then fiance) picked out a ring secretly, and he did well! And almost 30 yrs later I still wear it…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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