Spring has come to our neighborhood pond.  Completely frozen at winter time, the pond is  now completely thawed and teeming with life.  The geese and the gulls are back.  And so are the children and families who love the sight and sound these winged creatures make.

Here are some pictures that I took yesterday.  It was the first sunny day after so many days and it was good to be out even if it was a little windy and chilly.

I did not see the pair of swans that I loved photographing.  However, my attention was caught by this creature.   It  looked different from the rest of the geese because it has white feathers.  Others have the usual brown and dark brown color combo.
white goose

I had to be careful around the geese because some of them were a little too aggressive.  A couple of the geese tried to follow me and my son.  I told him not to make any eye contact with a goose as  eye-contact seemed to make them quarrelsome.  I am so glad that the goose in the picture below was letting it out with a fellow goose, not at me. 😉

The Nag

My eldest son, who joined me in my little excursion, got a little too impatient after  I took my first 100 pictures. 😉 “How many pictures of geese do you want to take?”  he asked.   Sigh! And I was so glad when he decided to go with me.  So, reluctantly, I agreed to walk back home.  We passed by the nearby marsh.  Spring rains and melting snow filled the place with water.  The place kind of looked pretty with the rushes sticking out of and reflected in the water.

swamp reeds3

Garbage that passers-by carelessly and thoughtlessly tossed in the swamp floated by.

swamp reeds1

Unwanted debris aside, the swamp reminded me of a scene from Lord of the Rings, i.e., when Frodo was being sucked in by the swamp.  Well, it can really mesmerize with the shifting images and the sounds coming from it.


I heard water sloshing and when I looked around, I espied these lovely birds paddling behind the reeds.


My son and I tried to get a better view and this was the best I got.  They never came close to where we were.  I wished I could have stayed a little longer but my little companion was getting too impatient.


Well, there will be a next time.  If I am lucky, I will have no companion hurrying me along. 🙂

Thank you for coming by.  Have a beautiful Sunday and a blessed Holy Week.

I’m participating in the onlineadventure travel and photography magazineLetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Reflections!



  1. These are lovely shots…and if my history with my oldest grand-daughter repeats itself, the memory of the trip will linger with your son for a long time.
    My children — in their 40’s — live far away from Maine…Texas and Colorado and the “how many pictures of…..( whatever ) do you need …still rings in my ears from my daughter…my son has the photographer gene…☺ My “sherpa” now is my ex husband #2…# 1 had the photo gene also…
    and I was laughing at the post because that is his favorite refrain when I ask him to drive so I can spot things along the way ☺

    I love your photos…thanks for sharing…Peace,

    1. I really appreciate your comments and stories, Siggi. They give me perspective about my life as a mother of young children. I may not be able to answer as quick or to reply to all, rest assured that I keep all these vignettes in my memory. 🙂
      Peace to you and a happy Sunday and week ahead. 🙂

      All the best, Imelda

  2. Your pond looks like it’s brimming with life! Spring is here for you for sure. Not here, though, as many of our local ponds are still frozen over, and this week is spring break! So much for spring. Your pics are so stunning. I love the quarreling geese in action. 🙂

    When I want to go take pics, I take the kiddos along, but I tell them to take photos, too! They take an iPod or camera along and do their own snapping. They are proud of their own work and take an interest on our walks. Unfortunately, both times this past week, our walk was cut short cuz it was SO COLD outside. Our little fingers were so frozen to take more pics, so we came home. I cannot wait for the weather to warm up here! Happy Spring to you and your family!

    1. Oh no, you must be so tired of winter already. Somebody we met who was originally from Illinois says that it has the worst weather in this country. I hope no more winter storms visit you. 🙂

      Your idea about your kids having their own camera and taking their own photos is really nice. Your children are so talented and have so many interests. You are very good at making them interested in creative things.

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