Words fail me.
I have nothing to describe this afternoon
when the rhythm of dripping water
bounced off the walls of our house
now empty of the voices
that fill my head to bursting.
Words left with the children
who brought their excitement elsewhere
leaving me with a silence
devoid of wonder
I sat wanting to write
yet all I see is a day
dreary even before the clouds stole the light
Now I have all the time
I always wished to have
and my pencil is poised in mid-air
waiting for the words to come back.

10 thoughts on “HOME ALONE

  1. We all have days, moments like that…I try to have paper and pens scattered about the house…my children are grown, and the cat doesn’t seem to feel the need to write. That helps
    preserve some of the random thoughts that want to be written.

    Know you are not alone…and your children will be young only once…rejoice in their energy if you can… you’ll miss their noise and interruptions soon enough ! And admit is annoying…but will pass with time.


  2. Amazing how loud silence can be. “Words left with the children…” Mmm, so poignant and telling. Mine are long since grown, yet I still feel that today. Beautifully written, Imelda. A lot said in a few well chosen words. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This poem tells so well how our lives as mamas are so intertwined with our children’s that we feel “lost” for a moment when they’re gone! And as soon as the words come, the children appear and throw them all away in the blink of an eye. They have the best timing, I tell ya! 🙂

  4. I’m sorry you had the frustration of experiencing time but no words. Some days are just ‘down’ days. I’ve just read a few posts you’ve written after this, so I’m glad you found words (if not a little sunshine!)

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