There, far yonder across the seas
where ocean and land embrace
where verdant hills dress in white
when its world is plunged to long nights

where mighty oaks and maples grow
color the earth with gold and fire
send wings soaring across the skies
before the long sleep takes over

where daffodils dance in the breeze
celebrating that joyful feast
the resurrection of those asleep
new beginnings, ever so sweet

the Mayflower planted its seeds
pilgrims searching for a better place
who with blood and tears rebuilt
their lives removed from King’s caprice

That when that shot of freedom rang
it galvanized the Minute Man
to heed the call to a hero’s life
the birth of a nation had dawned.

Oh Patriots from another age
for whom memorials had been made
now best remembered through the men
wearing proudly that noble name
with superbowl rings in their hands.


This was written for DVERSE Poets’ Pub whose prompt today is the ‘Place We Live in’. This piece is rough on the edges but I just had to try and beat Mr. Linky’s deadline. 🙂 Thanks to my son’s social studies classes, I learned something about the State we live in. Thanks also to my husband for checking my ‘facts’. If you still have not guessed my place, the last stanza should be a giveaway clue.

Thank you for coming over. Please do check the writers of the Pub. 🙂 Happy blessed weekend. 🙂

3 thoughts on “WHERE FREEDOM RANG

  1. New England? clam chowder? smiles.
    the resurrection of those asleep
    new beginnings, ever so sweet…i like those lines…and the allusions to the beginnings….the mayflower seeds…ha. cool touch….nice….

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