ORCHIDS for TRAVEL THEME: International Women’s Day

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, AILSA prompts us to post pictures that honor women or remind us of special women in our lives. I wanted to post rose pictures knowing that most, if not all women, love roses. Then, I realized that where I came from, there were more orchids than roses. There was a time in my little home village that most women got hooked into growing orchids.

lady slippers
I took this photo in my mother’s garden when I visited last summer.

The orchids were everywhere – on pots filled with charcoal, in coconut husks, on driftwoods, on tree trunks.

We would compare about our plants and brag about new acquisitions.

These vandas were from our own garden in the Philippines. If I am not mistaken, this is one of those that I grew way back when.

We got the orchids from itinerant sellers peddling orchids on the streets of our little barrio. We swapped plants. Some even took to stealing some pretty varieties. 🙂

This photo was taken at the Roger Williams Conservatory, R.I., last February when my husband and I went out on our anniversary date.

We made our little corner of the world prettier and more colorful with orchids which in our place were quite easy to grow. A driftwood, or charcoals, coconut husks, and plenty of sun were all we needed to make them grow and flower. And orchids yielded the most colorful flowers. They came in all colors and shades.

With this post, I remember that life long ago and the women in my neighborhood, cousins and friends, and of course, my own sister and mother.

Butterfly Orchid
This was also from the Roger Williams Conservatory. We had a similar variety in the Philippines but of different colors.

Thank you very much for coming over.  Please don’t forget to visit AILSA’s Travel Theme for more responses to the prompt. Happy blessed weekend to you. 🙂

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