ADELFA for CEE’s Fun Photo Challenge

My spring countdown continues with this flower post… 🙂


Cee’s challenge this week is any color we want.  I chose pink – for the Adelfa that I saw in Roger Williams Conservatory during our anniversary outing.  This flower is special to me – we had a tall plant when I was growing up.  It reminded me of our little home and garden which we worked on on Sundays after we got out of Mass.  Adelfas are pretty and emit a heady fragrant scent.  Too bad, the plant had to go when we had our little house torn down and had a bigger one built on our lot.

Today, I found out too that our Adelfa is also known as Oleander in other parts of the world.  Perhaps, it is the name that this pretty flower goes by in this part of the world.  After all, I remember a Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford movie bearing that name.

One other useful thing, Adelfa is a medicinal plant.  Please check out this link in case you are interested. 🙂

I am joining Cee’s party.  Please click the logo to see what colors are showing and telling. 🙂


Have a beautiful blessed day to you. 🙂



  1. My favorite color is still pink because the little girl in me tells me so. Beautiful flower photo! And it’s so interesting that nature provides so much medicinal goods for us. 🙂

    • Hi Sandra. Thanks. Pink is so quintessentially girl and princess-y (as we all are! 😉 I am surprised that this has some medicinal values – it is so pretty to be a medicine. Pardon me, if my logic seemed to have left me. 🙂

  2. It’s interesting how the scents, sights and touch of childhood retain an especially strong memory in us even as adults. I can totally identify with your affinity with the Oleander because you had a huge plant growing in your garden as a child. Thank you for this lovely little story Imelda. Sharon

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