The river flexes its sinews
Little peony peeks from her bed
they have slept for far too long
long Night at last comes to its end

The robins call to the branches
“come, unfurl your banners green
let your colors fly proud and high
let the May flowers’ dance begin.”

The sun shines a little brighter
encouraging the waking earth –
let your children go chase the wind
and  ring once more the silenced mirth.


Counting down to spring…..

Come and visit the wonderful writers at DVERSE Poets Pub:  Open Link Night week 86.  🙂



  1. ah i want to go out with them and chase the wind…smiles…spring is coming and i feel it all through your words….we have a snow storm coming tonight….ack…but spring is still coming….smiles….

  2. …rejoice.. rejoice… let’s dance together with our li’l birds feet… hop from boughs to boughs… singing rejoice… ah, very soothing… excellent! smiles…

  3. This call to spring is beautifully expressed. It’ll be a while until the peonies begin to come out here, but I love them when they bloom.

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