WP Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

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My brother and his family are visiting from Canada. We had no plans of going anywhere this weekend until iPhone suggested that he visit Battleship Cove, the place where old US warships are now docked and displayed.

One of the attractions of this floating Naval Museum is a World War II submarine, USS Lionfish.   I was, at first, hesitant to go down the narrow and steep steps to see inside a submarine.  I was glad I did because the interior offered a fascinating look into a life under the sea.   The cramped walls of this submarine bear witness to the hardships that the soldiers endured   to serve their country.


Submarine Deck

Here are some details about the life of a navy man in the ’40s.

Entrance to Submarine

The pictures are posted in the order I saw them.  I grouped them according to the sections of the submarine.


The door above leads to the Torpedo Room, one of the many rooms dedicated to machinery and equipment.


Little doors divide the sections of the submarine.  However, owing to its size, it  actually has only one long corridor.

Of all the areas on the sub, the sleeping quarters brought to fore the humanity of the persons serving in it.   Away on duty for months on end, the men tried to remain connected with their loved ones through family pictures and, most likely, writing.



Please visit WP Photo Challenge:  Lost in the Details for more interpretations.  Thank you for your visit.  I wish you a happy blessed weekend. 🙂

10 thoughts on “WP Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

  1. I love the opening of this post, lol! I’ve been inside a submarine tour a few times, and I can never get over that claustrophobic feeling, nor can I imagine if the sub was really at sea. These are wonderful pics, Imelda!

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