There’s a spring in my step
my second wind has come
the children are all asleep
I can dance
I can sing
I can breathe
with no tugging at my skirt
nor yelling in my ear
“Mommy!” plus a myriad of requests.

What mother am I
to crave some time alone
that peace and quiet
that’s as rare as a blue moon.

errr…I am told that one day
it will be all silent and calm
and the children are all grown and gone.

I don’t like it.


11 thoughts on “PEACE AND QUIET

  1. A perfect portrayal of parenthood 🙂
    You tear your hear out at their constant demands on your time and attention, and then you yearn for those very same things when they fly the coop!

  2. Imelda,
    there are two schools of thought about when children grow up…too much peace and quiet,
    and still looking for peace and quiet. As the electronic communication gets easier and easier,
    my guess, being the type of mother you seem to be, you will not have the peace and quiet of
    solitude !
    I did plan for empty nest tho…with things to keep occupied and not dwell on the emptiness … that took decades to occur. It will be a different type of interruption, but my guess is that you will make the transition… then, your yearning for interruptions may be fulfilled with grandchildren 1

    I did enjoy your poem…and it is normal to dread the coming of silence in years to come. Soak it all in now while you can…the memories are heart tugging ☺

    1. Thank you, Siggi. I appreciate your insight and keep your words in mind as the years go on and we get closer to that empty nest thing. I am sorry to be so late about the reply.

      🙂 Imelda

  3. We look back to those days and have many memories and now we are in a time where the children and all that entails are grown but we embrace this time now as well… ‘a time for all things under the sun’…( I think Eccl .I’m not positive) Diane

  4. I do like my peace and quiet and alone time…but I will still be sad when the kids are grown. I don’t dwell on that thought though because I’m sure God has plans for my life after kids 🙂

  5. This rings so true to my heart, Imelda! One day at a time. We mamas must just take it one day at a time. I don’t like it, either. And I don’t like how fickle I am about it all…

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