It is a good day to listen to the cello

the grey skies and dark clouds

march with the rolling notes

until the crescendo

overpowers the thunder

rocking the soul

smoothing out the knots

as eyes close

mind goes adrift

into the black sky

now full stars



cajoling fireworks into a smile

as self breathes deeply

to a quiet pause

before it breaks to a dance

of flapping fairy wings

that glisten in the tinkling rain.

For DVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night 85.  Please visit the link and join in the fun. 🙂  Have a great day.



14 thoughts on “CELLO

  1. As a lover of music, this really spoke to me. Bach is amazing as are your words. This reminds me a little of my poem “Crescendo”. I feel like I can relate to the intensity that classical music feeds the senses. Awesome job here.

  2. there are people who say that cello is the instrument that is closest to the human voice and that is why it touches us so deeply… really love the emotions here…ugh..felt..listening to the cello piece now…what a way to start my day…thank you

  3. Thank you for sharing this – I tried my hand at the cello when I was a kid, unfortunately I didn’t stick with it. It’s a beautiful instrument, with somewhat of a haunting sound! 🙂

  4. Did I ever tell you, because I forget–that since you introduced The Five Piano Guys to me, my husband also found them on his own and bought an album, and I have been enjoying their music–thank you! (Sorry for the comments dump. I’m catching up.)

    1. Goody! Those guys are really good and talented. their take on music is unique. Have you tried their Mission Impossible video yet? Try that one – it is so much fun.

      Don’t worry about the comment ‘dump’. I am quite appreciative of your effort to read through and leave comments. In fact, that is also what I find myself doing most of the time. I kind of schedule visits to friends these days and catch up with their posts. You beat me to it – but I was thinking that I have not been to your page in awhile. I have a hard time keeping track since I am hardly in Twitter. But but, I remedied the situation by subscribing to your blog by email. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Imelda! My remedy is using the blogroll on my blog–my favorite writers/readers–and I make time to visit each of them there periodically. I am HARDLY ever on Twitter, like you. I just don’t think it’s my kind of social media outlet. I do very much enjoy reading your work, so I will always stop by, even if it’s LATE!

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