“Lord, according to Thy words,
I have considered Thy birds;
And I find their life good,
And better the better understood;
Sowing neither corn nor wheat,”


Flock of sparrows

“They have all that they can eat;
Reaping no more than they sow.
They have all they can stow;
Having neither barn nor store,
Hungry again, they eat more.”

Whats for lunch

See ya
“But I consider further, and find
A hungry bird has a free mind;
He is hungry to-day, not to-morrow; Steals no
comfort, no grief doth borrow; This moment is his,
Thy will hath said it, The next is nothing till Thou
hast made it.”


“The bird has pain, but has no fear, Which is
the worst of any gear;
When cold and hunger and harm betide him, He
gathers them not to stuff inside him; Content with the
day’s ill he has got, He waits just, nor haggles with his
lot; Neither jumbles God’s will
With driblets from his own still.”


The above words are excerpts from the poem “CONSIDER THE RAVENS” by George Macdonald.   

8 thoughts on “SPARROWS

  1. ang mga ibon sa larawan, ang tawag sa amin diyan ay “ibong simbahan”, sa amin kasi ang simbahan ay napupuno ng huni ng mga ibong iyan.

  2. Watching the birds out my window at the feeders gives me joy…I often ‘ponder’ the instinct for survival…feed, and disappear each night to go and find a place within the trees to keep safe and warm till morning….Diane

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