I took a photo of this cloud while we were travelling south along I-95 somewhere in Maine one afternoon of January 2012. The fiery tail of the cloud caught my eye. It was the first time that I saw such an odd-looking cloud. A web search revealed that this could be a rainbow cloud even when, in the case of my picture, the rainbow is not so clear. I wonder if I saw the cloud as it was dissipating. I took several shots and each time, I noticed that the color got a little more faded each time.  It would be a year later before I chance upon another rainbow cloud (a more faded one) while travelling on the same road in January of this year.

Apparently, this type of clouds is  kind of rare and appears only in colder areas. Here is a link that explains more about this weather phenomenon. 🙂

Thank you so very much for coming by.  I have been distracted by some birthday books that I could not post nor visit blogs.  Have you ever heard of  Ranger’s Apprentice?  Oh,  this is a great series of  books.  I love the characters.  I think, if you like adventure and happy endings and lovable people, these books are for you. 🙂



For more UNIQUE takes, please visit Weekly Photo Challenge. 🙂


      1. Go for it, Chelle. 🙂 I got an entry level DSLR kit (a.k.a. the cheapest available) at 50%off from Amazon. I see lots of good photos taken with the iPhone. Just keep on clicking – there are even blogs dedicated to phone photography.

  1. Love it! recently.. maybe around the same time period, in PA, I was taking my mother to dinner and saw these ‘fire rainbows’. Faint at first, but then suddenly this one did exactly what you have in your picture and looked like a flame(s) of fire, including the shape of the cloud. I’d never seen them get like that before and soooo wish I’d had the camera with me! I’m glad you captured these!

  2. We see them in the winter here sometimes too. I grew up calling them sundogs and that it meant that snow was on it’s way. I’m not sure if that’s true but it always makes me smile to see them. Impressive pictures you got of them, way cooler than your average rainbow!

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