Curled in her bed
embracing the loneliness
she was afraid to let go
her tears welled
refreshed by that old song
playing on the radio
opening old wounds
memories best kept sealed
inside a chest
full of poisoned souvenirs.
The music played on

laid bare her soul
as fetid sores escaped
and collected on her pillow.
Silence came,
what blessed comfort
as the last notes faded
into her dreams.
Darkness reigned –
until the breaking dawn
brought a new day.


A much needed afternoon nap brought the opening line to this piece.  That was what I needed to respond to the picture prompt from Magpie Tales, and just what I also needed to have a poem to link with my favorite pub – DVERSE Poets.  Join the party by linking your own work or by visiting the talented writers that hang out in these groups. 🙂 


Have a wonderful day.  May old songs bring you happy memories. 🙂



  1. Powerful poem here. Yes, sometimes those old songs DO bring back memories and perhaps enhance the loneliness a person feels at the moment. You’re right…maybe sometime it is better if the memories remain sealed.

  2. dang…the fetted sores gathering on her pillow…music has that power to put you right there…and pull out of you the emotions of that moment, for sure….thank goodness for new days…

  3. There’s a hard edge to this – memories that maybe we prefer to keep buried, but perhaps we’d be better off dealing with them, difficult though that might be.

  4. This brought back memories of my one heartbreak from youth. I am so glad now that the right one came along as that other one was not the one… 🙂 It’s weird how we punish ourselves by listening to songs that make the pain raw. Seems silly to me now. When I hear songs from the era now – I feel relieved not to be there anymore. Great poem, Imelda!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Funny. kahit natulog ako s ahapon, di ako magawa ng ganitong poem:) Just joking. You are talented my dear.
    I love this:Darkness reigned –
    until the breaking dawn
    brought a new day

  6. This is beautifully written. Music is like a soundtrack to life…certain songs are attached to some memories. I remember songs that were like a razor to my heart, fresh after a breakup…thankfully, with time, the pain of memory fades 🙂

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