It all begins with coffee
its aroma teasing the fairy
to get out of her dreams
weave some magic
in an alternate reality
where chaos feeds the brain
sort out the chaff from the grain
find from the rubble
a gem or two
give her lady something to do –
set them in the perfect words
to take her from her favorite sport
conjuring trouble from a bubble
like a witch stirring her cauldron
until she gets truly woeful
dissolved into a teary puddle.

Over a cup of coffee
mistress and fairy meet
somehow the bitter brew
makes their conversation
a little sweet
the little pause
in their busy days
sees pencil pushing on paper
for something to say
the effort’s all in vain
they’ll both sleep
with a little complain
“Husband –
I did not have a poem today!”
To which he responds –
(with a wave of his hand)
“try another day.”


DVERSE Poets wants people to write about Creativity or their particular creative process.   I can only come up with something a little silly.  You can say, there’s a little knock in my head.  When  I get wonky, I blame it on the fairy. 🙂



  1. The husband is wise not to discourage. And the notion of coffee as a muse is not familiar to me, a tea-drinker. But you took me there, to your table; and I saw your eyes cloud and hear your mind whir as the fairy and the mistress-muse convene and get things going.

  2. Thanks for a fun read – I make that complaint to my wife sometimes and get a similar response! And coffee can sertainly help get the juices flowing – my Muse and I met over coffee yesterday 🙂

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