The springlike winter
had choirs of birds trilling
snow silenced singing.

Naked no longer
limbs got clothe in  white
modesty is cool.

Warm in winter
“climate is odd”, I wondered
then snow showered.

It’s still winter
Spring failed to take over
the weather’s fine.


The snow that greeted  me when I woke up this morning gave me something to write about.  Before this morning, it had been warm, like spring, in our New England corner.   I have been wondering where winter went even when it is not my favorite season.

DVERSE Poets Pub – Open Link Night 79. 

10 thoughts on “IT’S WINTER STILL

  1. …this gives me quite of a Haiku feel inside… ye know i have always wanted to experience winter but maybe it wasn’t yet now… ha, but hope soon… back here in Philippines, mornings are like inside an icebox… extremely cold and getting colder as the snow from Western countries melting slowly…. smiles…

    1. This is La Lune, something I recently learned from DVERSE. 🙂 I really thank the Pub for all of the forms it shows us because it opens a lot of creative choices for us.

      I remember the chilly mornings in January back home. I always looked forward to that and imagined snow.

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