Tiny singer, flit your wings;
Bow before the King of kings
Let your lovely concert rise
To Him who gave you songs and skies.
Let your throat, full of carols sweet,
Pour them before the Eternal’s feet
That we His praise may magnify
Whom birds and angels glorify.
I shall sing to Him who saved me;
You will sing to Him who made ye.
Both together, we shall bless
The God of love and happiness.
Sing, sing with bursting throat and heart!
In turn our voices will take part
To sing together, you and I,
A canticle of holy joy.


The above poem was attributed to St. Rose of Lima through whom God made many miracles.    One of these miracles involved a bird that arrived each day at sunset.  Upon its arrival, the  young saint would then set aside whatever she was doing,  greet the bird, and  invite it to join her in singing this song.  The saint sang the words while the bird chirped happily along.  After about an hour, the bird would leave upon the girl’s bidding.  (This story was taken from Joan Carrol Cruz’s MYSTERIES MARVELS MIRACLES In the Lives of the Saints).

Of course, it is in Youtube: 🙂

Thank you for coming by.  Have a blessed day. 🙂


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