The house sways with the wind
its paint grey as a stormy day.
The sun beams through the window panes
coated with grime and faded lace
A dust halo hovers about
a rocking chair that creaks in time
with the pendulum’s swinging.
The hour echoes in the walls
bony hands reached out
bidding Time back to happy days.


For Dverse Poets’ The Medium is the Message. Β Join and/or visit the pub and have some fun. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “NOSTALGIA

  1. This really got me today, Imelda, as last night I had a dream that fit right into this…one of those dreams that stay with you all day. Beautifully written images and the ending helps me know I’m not alone in that wanting to go back.

    1. Thanks, Victoria for the nice words. πŸ™‚ The specter of old age and being alone somehow scares me. Yet even now, there are times when I wish for the ‘simpler days’ or just wish that the time I am now remains forever.

  2. …Haunting feel goes through here…the pendulum could be a thing of beauty if you look at it for long but it could also be a thing of horror like Iscariot suspended on a tree…great short evocative write…smiles…

  3. This is beautiful. It made me think of visiting my great grandma’s house. It was run down and aged, but I’m sure it had been something special in its younger days.

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