I have long stopped making new year’s resolutions because I’d forget about them soon after I made them. That I do not make any resolution, however, does not mean that I have no desire to make myself or my life better. It is best not to wait a year before one takes stock of one’s situation, personal or otherwise. A daily examination of conscience is best to check bad habits and nip any in the bud.

Yet, be that as it may, the new year is a specially good day to take stock of things – those that have been accomplished or neglected in the last year – and to set a direction.

Most of my hopes and dreams revolve around my being a mother and wife.   Therefore, all of my desire for self-improvement aim to serve my vocation as mother and wife. At least, I hope so. 🙂

For this post, I wish to focus on a couple of interests that I wish to continue and/or work on this year.   I don’t know how these  personal interests jive with the general direction that I mentioned earlier.  However,  if I go with my husband’s logic that  a satisfying hobby makes me a happier and  easier one to live with, these goals are well-within my life mission. 🙂

The first area that I wish to focus on is writing.   As you may well know by now, one of the reasons I blog is to learn and improve my writing skills.  I have always wanted to write poems and stories; I have wanted to record family stories, but I did not know how to.  After a year of blogging, I know that my work has improved and I am happy about that.  I will never be in any Bestseller list or have any writing prize (HA! HA! HA!), but I am glad to know that there are a few poems and stories  (quality or lack thereof notwithstanding)  in my archive. 🙂  This year, I wish to continue learning and improving and writing.  I will continue participating in writing link-ups even when my work sticks out like a sore thumb. 🙂

This is my draft for the poem “Life Music”.

Another area that I wish to work on is photography.   I like recording those fleeting moments of beauty.  I like to record beauty as I see it and share with you.   Based on my works over the past years, I am happy to note that I have improved in this area too.  Thanks to digital cameras.  I do not have to worry that I am taking too many pictures of the same subject in the hope that I can come up with one passable photo.   I am also very grateful to the photographers out there  who generously share their knowledge and photos and to you who tell me what work worked and why. 🙂   To  improve some more in this area, I wish to participate in as many photo challenge as is reasonable for me and to take more  pictures of anything and everything to see how photography elements work.   One day, I may even try to learn how to use photoshop, or gimp, maybe.


Then, there is the violin.  It always calls to me.  I like music, I like to play the violin.   But I have neglected learning and practicing.  I did not want to play because the noise would wake up the sleeping children.  I did not want to play because I need to be able to concentrate.  The children almost always interrupted my playing if I happened to play during the day.  They wanted to touch the bow or pluck the strings or what have you.

Violin Bridge

I should go back before my fingers get gnarled from housework and age. 🙂 It is starting to happen.  My left index finger looks slightly bent and twisted from all the dish washing that I have been doing all these years.  I knew I should have gotten that  insurance! 😉

Now that my youngest is no longer a baby, perhaps I can start playing for ten minutes or so at night once a week.   For that one night, I should will myself away from any blog-related thing until I am done with practicing.   I guess that’s workable.

Violin belly

And just to give myself something concrete to look forward to, I will focus on learning to play once again that piece of music that I have learned more than ten years ago.  My mind remembers the tune but my fingers could not produce the notes.  I’d be really happy if I could play  this reasonably and relatively well again.


Thank you Jake and DP Weekly Photo Challenge for making me think about goals and ‘compelling’ me to put them in writing. 🙂  Visit their pages for more responses. 🙂  Thank you for coming by.

Best regards,




    1. Hi NIck. 🙂 I am not a child prodigy either. I learned the instrument in my 20’s and was mortified that my 5 year old classmates were better than me all around. 🙂

  1. These are great goals and I wish you success and fun in all that you will be doing 🙂

    I love writing and photography as well, and I think the same about the digital cameras. Such a great invention 🙂

  2. Your husband is right – a fulfilling hobby will not only bring you joy, but make you more able to give yourself to your family. Writing, photography and the violin should keep your creativity well-exercised this year 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming by, Janna. 🙂 I wonder if I am biting more than I can chew. Still, better have those things to divert me from my other preoccupation – to worry. 🙂

  3. I am now following your blog too. I like your writing style and I do not know what you have to learn more to improve at it. I remember my English professor saying “straight forward sentences in the natural order are beautiful sentences”. And that is exactly your writing style as I appreciate it.

    Writing styles seem to have become ‘any style will do’ these days. I am not in a position to tell which one is better, but frankly, I wouldn’t say one style is better than the other. The content matters to me more than the style as most, if not all, I am quite sure would rather look at it that way too.

    It is wonderful to meet you through this, what I call – the new word power – that is blogging. I wish you more exciting and successful blogging this year and look forward to more sharing with you.

  4. I absolutely loved this post and the way your words flowed together. So sincere and from the heart.
    I’m with you on the whole ‘resolution’ thing. I told myself this year I was making life plans and incorporating the theme of : Breaking Out of Comfort Zones!
    I would like to hear you play the violin. (We’re always our own worst critic.)

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