I drown my woes in a tub of nuts
by the handful, they fill my mouth
the crunching pounds the troubles away
as flavors soothe my afflicted day.

Next I looked, the nuts were gone
I was mortified by what I’ve done
Soon my body floods with remorse
Lack of control made my cares worse.

Alas! after all my  self loathing
the next sorrow would have me eating
as though food would sate all hunger
only I chase comfort that won’t linger.


Linking with DVerse Poets Open Link Night – Week 78.

5 thoughts on “COMFORT SEEKING

  1. ah, i def understand….food or whatever it is we choose to try to bandaid our day…all too often it is something that will come back on us later….have been mortified myself…smiles.

  2. Been there, done that. sigh.
    I usually think crunchy chewy, anger, soft, like ice cream, pudding, need comforting.
    It is an eye opener when the tub of nuts is empty. Hope you are feeling better today.
    ((( ♥♥♥)))

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