Maine is second home to me.  My family and I spend all of our holidays and a significant time in summer and spring here.   Over the years that I have been visiting this state, I have become quite familiar with certain landmarks that I see during our trips.

With this post, let me walk you through some of the places that I have seen in Maine and mostly photographed  while in a moving car.

This is the main street in the town of Dexter, one of Maine’s many small, idyllic towns. This street intersects Route 7 which brings us towards the center of the State.
Piscataquis River
This is the Piscataquis River which greets a Dover-Foxcroft visitor coming from Route 7. When the conditions are right, one can see ice cabins and trucks of ice anglers in the middle of the river. Considering the below freezing temperatures that we had been having the last few days – the thermometer even dipped to minus 2.5 degrees F the other night – the place is likely to be packed with ice fishers.
Other side of the River
This side of the river is mostly devoted to residential buildings.
This side of Piscataquis River is where the business district of Dover-Foxcroft lies. The big rectangular building used to house the Moosehead Manufacturing Co., makers of high end wood furniture. It closed in 2007 and the building fell into disrepair. It seems like a group has plans for the buildings renovation.
Snowy Trail
This is a walking path in Sangerville. It looks like a great place for snowmobiles. Unfortunately, they are not allowed in this trail.
For the Sangerville photos, I waded in knee deep snow to get near the bridge. The fear of treading in snow in an unfamiliar place kept me from going down to the river to take better pictures. Anyway, this is Piscataquis River, the same that flowed – err, froze – in Dover-Foxcroft. Odd, but this part of the river was still flowing.
A view of the town and river, with the bridge this time. 🙂
To Bangor
This is Charleston Hill along Route 15 towards Bangor. It was not uncommon to have different weather conditions between the places before and beyond the hill.
Abandoned House
This house is along the Milo-Dover Road. During the summer, we see a boat and old cars parked in front of the house. There are no traces of them now. I wonder if this house is occupied during the summer time. It still has curtains on the windows, if it means anything.
This is a farmhouse along the Milo-Dover Road.
Christmas Trees
Christmas Tree Farm along Route 15. These trees need some more years before they are ready for harvest.
Country Church
I saw this church on our way to Bangor, Route 15. The surrounding scene is quite common – large swaths of land covered in snow. There are still a lot of farmlands along this major road. In one place, I saw cows out in the open, not grazing, but out in the open anyway. I have a picture of them but since I was not expecting the black spots to be cows, I did not zoom the camera to its maximum zoom (not much really) but the cows would have been more defined in the picture. 🙂
Parking Lot
We went to Bangor when the temperature was in single digits. The ice crystals spraying on my face and the wind made the 100 meter or so walk to Lowe’s entrance quite a challenge.  The car was turning, I had to take a shot of what’s in the viewfinder and got the splashes on the window too. 🙂
It was already dark when we headed back home at 3:30 p.m. This time, we drove through the back roads that cut across Orono, Old Town, and Milo.  Along this route, one could find fields, woods, lakes, farmhouses in various state of repair, a quarry.  But it was getting dark and the pictures I took was getting blurrier by the mile.  I was lucky to have some relatively pretty ones though.
Red House at Dusk
This house nearly fits the image I have of New England houses at Christmas time that I often saw in Christmas Cards sent to my tropical home. The only things missing are the nice lights to make the picture pop.
Hay bales
Rolls of hay were left on the ground. Perhaps, they will be used to feed the animals in this farm. I think this would look nice in black and white. The image in the middle would pop out completely against the bare background. Somehow, I like the colors and the mood, and the fact that this was a lucky capture.
This is all that I manage to photograph of a quarry. I did not know the road so well, I did not know what to expect during the trip.  It doesn’t look like a hill, does it?  It’s rather like a claw of some giant animal, or maybe the head.   A sleeping monster.  It was a big brown hill surrounded by trees and with patches of snow.  I kept waiting fora clear view, when it came,  the car was passing by the last parts of the quarry.   I took a quick shot of what’ in the viewfinder, and this was all I got. 🙂

Thank you for coming by. 🙂 Have a great wonderful day.

27 thoughts on “AROUND MAINE

    1. Hi Adin. Yeah, unless you are into winter outdoor activities, Maine is not much fun in the winter. But come summer time, Maine is paradise with its lush greens and woods and lakes and beaches. 🙂 And blueberries. 🙂

    1. Hi Lynda. 🙂 I hope your dream comes true. There are a lot of places in Maine where a bed and breakfast will just be perfect.
      Thank you for coming by and for the comment. 🙂

  1. Great impressions of Maine, Imelda .. it’s a “winter wonderland” right now I’ve never been there. When we were in the USA, we traveled through Florida and along the west coast – California, then Nevada, Utah … I hope I’ll get the chance to see New England some time!

    1. Hi Ocean. 🙂 I hope you get to experience the charms of New England one day. Just pick your season. 🙂

      Of the places you mentioned, I have been to California, the San Francisco area. It would be nice to see those lovely places one day too, but they are just too far from where we are now. 🙂

    1. Hi BT. yeah, those trees will have their blaze of glory one day. Better that than just rot and fall unnoticed in the woods, I suppose. 😉

    1. It is, it is, Angeline. Do visit Maine one day.

      Ha! At the rate I am inviting people to the State, you’d think I am in their Tourist Bureau no? 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming by, Ritva. 🙂 And Maine is pretty in any season. 🙂
      I’ve been inviting people to Maine, I wish to make a disclaimer that I am not a part of the State Tourism Board. 😉 🙂

  2. Wow, it is so pretty there. If it didn’t look so cold, I might like to visit one day 🙂 My favorites are the building in the first picture that has the clock on it, the Christmas tree farm, and the red house near the end.

    1. Hi Janna. Try visiting in the summer. Acadia National Park is a popular place to visit in addition to the hundred or so lakes scattered throughout the state. 🙂

      Now for my disclaimer: I am not a part of the Maine Tourist Authority. 😉

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