Inky black cold
blankets the white snowy ground
howling wind protests –

Where’s the moon
quiet behind the clouds as
shadows roll by.

The fire glowed
warm bodies licked the cold
behind closed doors.


The form that DVerse Poets’ Pub features today is La Lune.   It is inspired by the haiku and has either of these patterns:  the 5-3-5 syllabic pattern, or the 3-5-3 word pattern.  I opted for the latter.   I had nothing in mind until I went outside to get a package from the UPS man.  The first lines described what I saw, while the rest were added to make a little story.  My husband specially liked the last stanza. 🙂

Do visit the pub for more poetry.

Thank you for coming by.  I appreciate your presence and comments even when I am not quick with a reply.  🙂


33 thoughts on “A WINTRY NIGHT

  1. I love it when simple, every day things provide the spark for our muses to light onto. And I love the turn from outside to in, from public space to private in the last stanza.

  2. I can see why he liked it. And who can blame you for delayed responses to comments, you are obviously very busy elsewhere! 🙂

    1. 🙂 unfortunately for my husband, I am busy with things that do not seem interesting to him. 🙂 On a more serious note, I can only focus on the blog at night after the children are asleep and I have to allot my time between visiting friends’ blogs and responding to comments. My normally short posts work for me because I can think about them while doing mundane stuff such as washing dishes. It does not take me long to type them and publish.

      Thank you for coming by, Life&Ink. Your time is much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Adin. 🙂 It can get truly cold here – the other night, we were down to -2.5 degrees F. Today, we felt ‘warm’ because the temperature rose to the 20s. 😀

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