The King of Heaven disdained
earthly comforts when He came
on a bed of straw He laid
and gave poverty a holy name.

No liveried servant was at his birth
Joseph and Mary gave Him warmth
No purer hands could have served
the King of kings upon this earth.

No earthly bard announced His presence
Hosts of Heaven proclaimed tidings
“Glory to God in the Highest”
no music could be more fitting.

The Messiah who was long awaited
to the humble and seeking was revealed
who on their knees came adoring
bearing presents to the Most Revered.

The chasm between Heaven and earth
was bridged when the Savior came
this vale of tears became as Eden
Man was raised from his shame.

O sign of contradiction
who did show to the world –
that on the way to Paradise
worldly joys bring sorrows untold.

On that singular night
the earthly lights were dimmed
while the Light of Heaven shone,
true  guide to the pious pilgrim.



I am linking with DVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night 76- Holiday Edition.   Merry Christmas to all. 🙂


6 thoughts on “WHEN CHRIST WAS BORN

  1. smiles..a wonderful look in on the christmas story…he came as no one expected and changed the world much the same…how awesome it must have been to be following that star…or have angels appear….wow…

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