There may be no ornaments to deck the hall
nor presents  under the tree
Yet it will still be Christmas
it is of things the eyes cannot see.

The air may ring with laughter
or hearts may overflow with tears
Yet  Christmas is sure to dawn
bringing hope to allay  the fears.

The world may now pass away
or time may even stand still
But Christmas will come to pass
It never depended on man’s will.

For Christmas is Heaven’s gift –
Christ came down to hallow the earth
Man may deny it  or simply forget
Yet Heaven will ever celebrate.



7 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IS COMING

  1. So beautiful words ..they come down to the essence of what Christmas really means – far away from all these commercial things .. thanks for that 🙂

  2. i think christmas is as much the feel, the attitude and essence more than any decor…christmas lives in the heart…

    and i dint take your comment as sarcastic, you are spot on…we are called to teach and protect….

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