Christ Carrying the Cross to His Crucifixion – Battista. Image taken from

The innocent suffered that day
when the gunman let out a spray
of bullets on helpless children
in their fear, to whom could they turn?

Their little hearts could only pray
the innocent suffered that day
When Herod had all threats slain
to save the earthly throne he claimed.

Lamentations filled the air
the Lamb was led to the slaughter
the Innocent suffered that day
to Heaven, He opened the way.

Upon the Cross He stretched His arms
defeated Death in His own terms
gathered the brethren gone astray
the Innocent suffered that day.

Baldung, Hans - Crucifixion - Renaissance (Northern) - Oil on fiberboard - New Testament - Gemaldegalerie - Berlin, Germany
Crucifixion by Hans Baldung

In our College Philosophy class, suffering was discussed. If God is so good, why does He permit the innocent to suffer? Why is there suffering in the first place?  It was a hard question to answer for an 18 year old. Now that I am older, the answers are clearer but they do not make suffering any less painful. Suffering can be redemptive especially when united to the suffering of the Christ.   Theology would have other (spiritual) benefits to suffering.   As I am not a Theologian and cannot frame my ideas and words well,  I’d leave the answer I have at that.  Thus,  while the answers did not lessen the pain of  suffering,    they did give meaning to suffering meaning, and give  a glimpse of justice that we cannot have in this world.  They are great reasons to hope   instead of despair.

Another poem, A Mother’s Lament,  inspired by the tragedy is posted here.  I pray for the consolation of the families and the community, as well as eternal rest for those who died.


    1. Thanks, Janna. I wanted to say that Jesus also suffered horrendously. Suffering is suffering, it will always be painful but perhaps knowing that Christ also suffered may grant some measure of consolation.

  1. why do good suffer and bad prosper and where is god in all of this…def hard questions to wrap your mind around …i think it easy to blame god inthese instances because where is He to answer us…

  2. i dunno where my comment went but…you ask hard questions…and its hard to wrap our minds around why these things happen…i think god becomes an easy target for blame because where is he to answer us…and yet it was choices of far too many flawed humans that got us here…def a tragic week….

    1. Your comment went to the spam folder. I do not know why – it never happened before.

      Yeah, it was a tragic week. It was hard to see the innocent faces and the parents without pain. You are right, it is truly hard to understand and to rationalize when one is in the midst of tragedy and intense sorrow.

      I agree with you – it is our flawed nature that causes all our sufferings. May God see us, especially the victims – through this tragedy.

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